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Nov 17 2018 - Feb 2 2019



One River Gallery / Lake Oswego

About the artist

Gayle Kabaker is a nationally and internationally recognized artist who lives and works in Ashfield, Massachusetts and grew up in Hong Kong.

She is a freelance illustrator whose work has been used for everything from fashion and general illustration, to animation, logo and brand development. Her art has been on the cover of New Yorker Magazine four times.

Click here to read New Yorker Magazine’s interview with Gayle Kabaker:


'Jump' 2018, New Yorker Mag. cover
Gayle Kabaker

Exhibition Opening

THE EXHIBITION: Open to the Public!

TITLE: Finding Beauty

ARTIST: Gayle Kabaker

OPENING: Nov. 17, 6-9pm

ARTIST Q & A: Nov. 17 7-7:30pm

DURATION: Nov. 17, 2018 to Feb. 2, 2019

HOURS: 10am-5pm [Mon-Thurs and Sat]

GALLERY: One River Gallery 15010 SW Bangy Rd. Lake Oswego, OR 97035 503.606.886



Gayle Kabaker’s exhibition Finding Beauty features a collection of her illustrative paintings spanning her commercial work, New Yorker Magazine covers, and non-commercial artwork.

Kabaker has mastered visual storytelling through her distinctive color palette and her minimalistic approach of capturing form and movement. Each of her works acts as a narrative which reveals both the bold and subtle ways that beauty is found in everyday life.

Her work ‘Jump’, for example, shows a woman leaping off the edge of a dock into a body of water, and tells a story of liberation and risk-taking. Similarly, her work ‘Diane’ of a woman sitting under a veranda next to a swimming pool with her dogs, depicts personal respite and reflection.

This notion of beauty is also prevalent in her allegoric subject matter drawing from more ‘feminine' concepts such as water, flowers, and the color red.

Kabaker’s work teaches us to seek out and discover beauty in our own lives to enhance its meaning and richness.


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